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Apartments Madrid, Madrid accomodation


Please pay attention to our Terms and Conditions.

1. Booking
When you book one of our apartments we ask for a down payment consisting in 30% of total price of your stay.

2. Cancel a reservation
To cancel a reservation has a cost. This cost will depend on the pre-advise timing. Cancellation should be done by mail and it needs to be confirmed by CATCH THE FLAT. The cost will be:
- 10% of down payment if you cancel prior to 90 days to arrival date.
- 30% of down payment if you cancel between 89 and 60 days prior to arrival date.
- 50% of down payment if you cancel between 59 and 30 days prior to arrival date.- 100% of down payment if you cancel less than 30 days prior to arrival date. In case of reservations totally paid, percentages will be based on whole amount.

IMPORTANT: No matter the reason for cancellation, 30% down payment will be subject to cancellation policy. In case of fully prepaid reservations, the same conditions will apply.

Any change in booking dates or change of apartment will be understood as a cancellation. As an exception CATCH THE FLAT, following its own criteria, will allow to change the apartment, if the new one is not occupied in the days of booking.If CATCH THE FLAT could not offer the client the apartment booked, CATCH THE FLAT would offer a new one under similar conditions. In case of misunderstanding about the question, CATCH THE FLAT would reimburse the money received, exception of the money referred to the days already enjoyed (if that’s the case).

3. Payment
At the time of booking an apartment a 30% of the total price will be charged in the credit card. In case you have any doubt, you can ask for information in phone +34 91 711 1833 during office hours (9-14 and 16-19). All information about your payment will be transferred using a security server that guarantees privacy of your data.
The remaining 70% will be paid IN CASH upon your arrival to the apartment, at the signature of the contract.
In minimum stays of 3 days, total payment through credit card could be required at booking time. The same rule could apply to high season periods.
Under exceptional situations, a wire transfer could be accepted. In case the full payment is done via wire transfer, the money shall be in CATCH THE FLAT bank account one week prior to arrival date.

4. Deposit Fee
Upon arrival to the apartment, together with the rest of payment, we will require a fee (it will vary according to the apartment). The fee will be returned to the client the departure day, in case the apartment has not damages. In case of damages the CATCH THE FLAT agent will decide the value of damages and his criteria will be accepted.

5. Arrival and Check in
A CATCH THE FLAT agent will be assigned to you and will available for you upon arrival. He or she will explain the functioning of everything and the rules that apply in the apartment. The agent will solve any doubt you might have.
You can get in contact with your agent for any question related to you reservation. You have to get in contact with your agent:
- When you are arriving to Madrid (if your use train or car) of upon arrival to Madrid Airport (if you arrive by plane).
- If your flight is delayed.Check in will be from 15:00. Arrivals or departure from 22:00h-7:00, Sundays or bank holidays will have an extra charge of 30€. Upon arrival to your apartment, your agent will be available for you to:
- handle you the apartment keys.
- familiarise you with the lodgement, its rules and regulations.- give you instructions about the use of equipment.
At that moment the CATCH THE FLAT agent will sign the Contract and Terms and Conditions with you, will take the rest of the payment in cash and will take the fee in cash.

6. Stay
During your stay in our apartment, we want you to feel like at home. Get in contact to us IMMEDIATELY in case you find something you don’t like or in case you miss something or something breaks.
Only the number of people included in the reservation will be allowed to stay in the apartment at any time. In case of non-fulfilment of this point, CATCH THE FLAT will be entitled to ask the client to leave the apartment. Neither return of money nor claim of any kind will be accepted in this case.
The client signing the contract is liable for correct behaviour of everybody staying in the lodgement. In cases of non-correct behaviour, CATCH THE FLAT will be entitled to ask the client to leave the apartment. Neither return of money nor claim of any kind will be accepted in this case.

Any activity disturbing the normal development of life in the community where the apartment is located, such as loud music, noises, parties, provoking reasoned complains from neighbours will entitle CATCH THE FLAT to ask the client to leave the apartment. Neither return of money nor claim of any kind will be accepted in this case.
From 22:00 to 10:00 (week days) and from 00:00 to 10:00 (holidays) are considered as resting hours. During this period of the night any activity disturbing the normal rest of neighbours is forbidden. In case of breaking that rule, CATCH THE FLAT will be entitled to ask the client to leave the apartment. Neither return of money nor claim of any kind will be accepted in this case.

7. Check out
Check out time is before 11:00 am. In case you need a later check out, please inform us prior to your arrival and will try to help you.
Your CATCH THE FLAT will be in the apartment at the agreed time to:
- receive the keys of the apartment.
- return the deposit fee. In case of damages the agent will value them, and his criteria will be accepted. If damages exceed the deposit fee, they will be charged to the credit card used to do the reservation.

8. Cleaning
Upon your arrival to the apartment, it will be perfectly clean. By the time of departure, you should leave the apartment in reasonable cleaning and proper conditions.
If you choose to stay longer than a week, it is compulsory to arrange a cleaning service. The cost is different in every apartment. There is a cleaning service charge per booking.

9. Pets are only allowed in case you ask for permission and it has been granted by mail. Those apartments accepting pets mention it in the description of the apartment.

10. Smoking is only allowed in open areas of the apartment, such as balconies, terraces… It is totally forbidden to smoke in closed areas or next to the windows. Nevertheless, some of our apartments accept smoking inside (then it is clearly mentioned in the description of the apartment)

11. Children under 2 years stay for free. If you travel accompanied by children, you should mention it in your reservation, but you no not have to include then when doing the calculation. If you need a cot, please mention it in the calculation of the reservation.

12. High Season
Unless otherwise indicated in the description of the apartment, we consider high season:- Main Easter week. - Christmas and New Year holidays (20 December to 1 January). - Easter week and last week of the year will be booked complete.

13. Liability
Neither CATCH THE FLAT nor the owner of the apartment will be liable for any direct or indirect damage that might happen during the use of the apartment. That includes (but not only limits to) fires, robbery, damages…In case of non-fulfilment of the above-mentioned rules, and under its own criteria; CATCH THE FLAT will be entitled to ask the client to leave the apartment. Neither return of money nor claim of any kind will be accepted in this case. Additionally, CATCH THE FLAT might initiate legal procedures against the client if justified by situation.

Privacy Policy
Trough this message, Atrapa el Apartamento S.L. (hereunder “CATCH THE FLAT”) with CIF: B85374387, registered in R. Mercantil de Madrid Tomo: 25.437 Libro: 0 Folio: 160 Sección 8 Hoja: M458289 inscripción: 1, owner and liable for the domain, legal address in c/ Tembleque, 5º C 28024Madrid, Spain and mail info@catchtheflat.; according to current law as per Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, about private data protection (LOPD), informs the users (hereunder “users”) of this Internet page (hereunder “page”) about its Policy for protection of private data (hereunder “private data”), for the Users to freely decide if they wish to voluntarily give CATCH THE FLAT Private Data required in the booking process associated to the services offered by CATCH THE FLAT in its Page.
Private Data offered by the Users will be subject to a confidential automatic treatment, in a file created for that purpose by CATCH THE FLAT, the only user and owner of this information.
CATCH THE FLAT will not share nor sell the Private Data to a third party without the expressed approval of the Users. Private Data will not be used for anything but the offered service and will be cancelled once they are not needed any more.
We also inform you that you have the right to see, modify and cancel, an also be informed about the authorised use for your Private Data, according to current law. You are entitled to execute that right sending to CATCH THE FLAT a postal or electronic mail.
CATCH THE FLAT keeps the right to modify the content of this Privacy Policy.
We use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), security protocol in Internet used by servers and browsers to securely transmit sensitive information. You can check that you are in a secure network SSL checking the URL; instead of HTTP you should see https.

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c/ Tembleque, 28 5º Madrid 28024, Spain.

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